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CLEC Summer Program

Our mission at "Champions" is clearly defined. We are irreversibly committed to providing the most effective educational experience possible for all Black boys who matriculate at our school, upgrading each of them to the status of distinguished student. Additionally, we endeavor to develop each matriculating boy who displays some level of talent into a nationally acclaimed scholar. All of our students are of utmost importance to us and are, accordingly, provided every conceivable opportunity to exel. We are keenly focusing intense efforts on our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, as now is a crucial time for them in terms of becoming positioned to earn uncommon distinction. For such acclaim to manifest, it is exceedingly important for these specific young gentlemen to be comprehensively and thoroughly structured and enriched at this point in the time. The window of opportunity is not wide.

CLEC, the "Champions" Leadership and Enrichment Camp, is designed to not only significantly advance those who are in line to achieve national honors and recognition, it is also constructed to upgrade those whose skills, competencies, and leadership need additional enhancement and fortification. Young learners who are required to attend CLEC are delineated below:

  • Those who are being developed to achieve National Acclaim (3rd, 4th, 5th graders)
  • A student who is completing his 1st year of matriculation at "Champions"
  • Those who are enrolling in "Champions" for the first time (Incoming Students)
  • Those who have yet to master Basic Competencies and "Champions" Fundamentals
  • Those who are being upgraded to compete for Private School Placement after graduating from "Champions" (6th and 7th graders)
  • Those who are being prepared to take the SAT before graduating from "Champions” (advanced 6th and 7th graders)

Our school offers boys a remarkable opportunity to achieve that which is uncommon. Those who we have identified as having "unique" potential are being pushed and positioned to achieve noteworthy commendation. Others, although not necessarily at the top level, are still being challenged to achieve in a highly significant manner. Before any young learner at "Champions" can move forward to more advanced and accelerated topics, he must first MASTER the basic skills. The CLEC opportunity supports all in this regard. 

A primary goal of the CLEC summer camp is to expeditiously ramp up all attendees to a distinguished status, situating them to the extent that they significantly bolster their ability to expertly perform. The Camp also further ingrains in the participants the necessary "success attributes" and leadership skills which allow them to better navigate the "Champions" academic rigor during the normal academic year.

Although not as intense as the regular school term, the "Champions" CLEC summer program is definitely challenging and enriching, The environment is fairly relaxed during the CLEC term; however, students are still pushed in a manner that inculcates in them heightened perspective and increased knowledge and understanding. The excellent and efficacious design of our program all but guarantees all matriculating students success. To be successful at "Champions", it is crucial for the young gentlemen to develop the essential competencies needed to work at the expected level. We term this the mastery of "Champions" Fundamentals. Once a student begins to make significant gains towards the mastering of the "Champions Fundamentals, his entire academic profile becomes discernibly enhanced. CLEC provides all attendees a huge leg up in preparation for both the regular school term and the challenges that lie ahead of them as we position them to compete for national honors, etc. CLEC further enlightens young learners on the concept of competition and earning what you get. Unquestionably, upgrading students to the expected level is a multi-year undertaking. CLEC, without a doubt, tremendously impacts and furthers the scholastic and academic advancement of all who attend.

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