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People might ask, “What is it like being a “Champion?” My unequivocal response is “Champions” offers a Black boy a one in a million chance to gain a discerning point of view. Qualities that are omnipresent at our great academy are love, honor, and discipline.

The quality that best defines the “Champions” experience is love. Without love, one will descend to the lowest echelon of life. Once I experienced the magnitude of the love and spirit that pervades “Champions”, it propelled me to a whole other way of being. If Mr. Howard had not introduced me to a heightened concept of caring, I would not be able to convey these impactful points. In the end, love is everything.

Another life changing quality of the “Champions” experience is honor. When you honor, you are showing regard and respect for those who are investing in you and those who have died so that you can have a better opportunity at life. Those who honor do not deliberate or ruminate on nonsense; their minds and hearts are always focused on good.

The last but one of the best qualities of the “Champions” experience is discipline. If one is undisciplined, he will not be able to perform with full exactitude and competence. Only those who possess discipline, deftness, and fortitude earn the opportunity to attend Harvard University. I would be remiss if I did not extend a thank-you to Mr. Howard because I never would have discovered discipline without him. Harvard, here I come!

As I previously conveyed, love, honor, and discipline are the attributes that define a “Champion.” As you can see, being a “Champion” is a high standard! I don’t want to mislead you, it is tough, but at the same time, it is easy. All one has to do is do what Mr. Howard says and willingly go through the grinding process. All are given a fair shot, but they must prove their prowess. Do you think you are “Champions” worthy?
- Ethan Iverson, 6th grade

Learning in any case is an awesome circumstance, but I must say that conventional learning pales in comparison to a "Champions" education. My experiences at "Champions" have allowed me to better myself in countless ways and have propelled me to want to achieve something of tremendous significance. I now understand, however, that to accomplish that which is uncommon, I must set goals and commit myself accordingly. As a result of my new found wisdom and ambition, I accept no less than the best of myself physically, spiritually, and intellectually.

One's physical appearance says almost everything about him. Being Team Captain at "Champions", it is my duty and honor to represent our collective with the highest level of physical integrity. Doing so requires great discipline, unwavering fortitude, and extensive training. Executing this combo of strength, endurance, and practice is, without doubt, moving me in the direction of achieving peak physical stature.

Some may aim to have average spirit, but our goal at "Champions" is to ascend to a level we call that ole "Champions" spirit. If I have not learned anything else here at "Champions", I have definitely learned this: One who desires to become successful is hopeless unless he is able to summon the requisite energy and enthusiasm; therefore, it is imperative that I incessantly call forth glee and love no matter how dreadful a situation may seem. That's what "Champions" spirit is all about!

When speaking of becoming your best, intellect is always a crucial factor that must be addressed. If one's knowledge level is deficient, he will lack the ability to articulate well, perform exceptionally, and think critically. In life, being bereft of such attributes can and will lead to catastrophic results; contrarily, if one proceeds through life with these skills honed and trained, he is most likely to experience results that are unrivaled. Unquestionably, striving to enhance knowledge is a worthwhile goal.

As you can see, being a "Champion" has impacted my life and life choices very seriously. Before I was afforded the great privilege to enroll in this extraordinary program, perfecting my physical health, spirit, and intellect were not a high priority for me. This is why I feel extremely fortunate to have ever set foot in an environment as magnificent and as life-changing as "Champions". It goes without saying that I feel compelled to represent our dear academy with the highest level of distinction, wherever I go and whatever I do. I will, forever, be a "Champion".
- Nicholas Lambert, 8th grade

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