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Champions Model

Programmatic Intervention:

At its essence, the “Champions” Learning and Leadership Academy is a “programmatic intervention” designed to expose African-American boys to the highest level of academic learning and leadership development. Our program is called an intervention because it is just that…we proactively intervene in a Black boy’s life at an early stage of his development to combat the widespread academic disaffection and disengagement commonly associated with this demographic. Overwhelming evidence undisputedly reveals that it is typical for a great number of Black boys to begin downward spiraling in school as early as their 2nd grade year. To counteract the potential disintegration, the “Champions” program engages and coaches emerging young scholars on the specifics related to achieving academic prominence and leadership prowess. At “Champions”, we instill a heightened sense of personal and cultural pride in our students, a pride that in an overwhelming majority of cases ignites them to strive for the stars. Students find that our environment is highly supportive yet unrelentingly challenging. The young learners are coached through a specific process that we call the “Champions” learning technology. The “Champions” learning technology is built on the premise that all students can master all requirements and become highly distinguished scholars. The “Champions” learning technology has consistently proven its efficacy, as most of our matriculating scholars score at least at the 90th percentile on standardized testing, with many scoring at the 99th percentile. Additionally, all matriculating students are required to take the SAT before graduating from “Champions”.

Master Coaching:

More than any other factor, the element that makes the “Champions” process tick is master coaching. Master coaching mostly relates to expert guidance for and motivation of each matriculating student. We firmly believe that every boy at “Champions” has great potential, but potential is just that until it is realized. To extract the best that is within a boy, we relentlessly push, motivate, and stimulate each young learner to strive to achieve at his highest capability. Just-in-time directives are constantly given to stimulate the desired performance. Our ability to successfully motivate the young gentlemen at “Champions” is a huge part of our success formula. Without question, we possess the necessary technical knowledge, the strategies, the experience, and the practiced instinct to get the job done. But more than anything else, we simply know how to get the best out of each boy who sets foot in our milieu. The standards are high at “Champions”, no doubt. However, our most compelling virtue of patiently and lovingly guiding each boy toward the achievement of these high standards ensures that all will excel. One need not be fooled, however. There are times when we have to literally use magic and sometimes brute force to move boys to a distinguished status. Whatever is required, we do, as we are irreversibly committed to achieving our noble mission with pride and distinction. Our ability to ignite and develop potential is uncanny.

Leadership Training:

Every boy at “Champions” is taught upon enrollment that he is training to become an impactful leader. So predictably, leadership development and academic coaching are intertwined at “Champions”. All matriculating boys are put in positions, day after day, to develop leadership skills and maturity. The “Champions” Academy is a student-centered program, so each boy is expected to consistently contribute value to both the learning milieu and the team. Unquestionably, as a young gentleman enhances his leadership competence, his academic competence upgrades correspondingly.

Character Development:

All academic work at “Champions” is undergirded by character education. We understand that a young man who develops solid character is going to approach his academic requirements with the necessary commitment and focus. At the heart of the “Champions” character education program is honor. Students are assiduously reinforced on the concept of honoring God, family, and all who are a part of their support system. At “Champions”, boys are taught that there is no I in TEAM.

“Champions” Learning Technology (“Champions” Fundamentals):

When we speak of the “Champions learning technology, we do not mean technology in the traditional sense of the word. Rather, the “Champions” learning technology is all about the way that we do things (the “Champions” Way) to produce the extraordinary results that we consistently produce. “Champion” boys are taught how to skillfully navigate our unique academic processes, and they are coached to develop important “success attributes” that are fundamental to one’s success. In our academic design a boy must master certain basic competencies that we call “Champions” fundamentals. Mostly, the fundamentals are intended to solidly upgrade a boy’s character so that he can effectively navigate the rigorous academic challenges. To be successful here, a “Champions” boy must develop tempo, mental toughness, logic and analytical skills, and competitive character. We have a mnemonic at “Champions” termed SC TQ E…See clearly, think quickly, and execute. All “Champions” boys are taught to do just that, and once a boy learns how to glean academic requirements with a lucid perspective, his capacity to analyze and execute increases exponential. If you don’t see it, you can’t be it!

Deep Practice/Mastery Learning: The young gentlemen at “Champions” are coached to realize that to achieve at a distinguished level, they must learn to master all academic requirements. In short, we call this performing with “exactitude”. The goal at “Champions” is to create breakthrough performance at all possible opportunities. To facilitate, we strategically accelerate all, the intent being to consistently move learners to the next level when they show readiness. Students at “Champions” are coached to realize that not only will their best effort be required, but that they must also delve to the extent of being able to glean deep understanding. Practicing deeply is a part of our fabric. In other words, the young learners are taught to connect to their work at a core level. Deep practice equips the students with the ability to execute with great skill and adroitness.

Talent hotbed:

The “Champions” Academy produces talent as if it were running water. We are uniquely adept at transforming all boys who we enroll into academic stalwarts, regardless of their past profile. The “Champions” learning technology effectively teaches boys how to adroitly navigate challenging academic processes. Once a boy becomes skilled in our learning technology, both his academic and leadership prowess will exponentially increase. “Champions” boys are, unquestionably, top scholars, and one would be hard-pressed to find better African-American males students anywhere.


Obviously, our primary focus at “Champions” is to equip each matriculating young learner with the academic and character skills needed to compete with the best in the world. Nevertheless, we have another focus that drives us just as much. The young gentlemen at our school are fervently implored to understand that regardless of what they might accomplish individually, they have an ultimate responsibility to make a significant contribution to the improvement of the world.

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