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Why "CHAMPIONS"? What is the compelling point about a “PROGRAMMATIC INTERVENTION" designed SPECIFICALLY to advance the educational and life prospects of elementary and middle grade aged Black boys?

The exigent need for such advocacy is as apparent as an elephant in a room...public education has more or less failed African-American boys. Every conceivable statistic and indicator undeniably illustrates the point. As unsettling as it may be, collectively, Black Boys are at the bottom of the academic performance rung, not only in America, but in the world. While the pundits and experts continue to debate the merits of the various school reform initiatives that have been proposed over the years, Black boys are sinking further into an abyss that seemingly has no floor. African-American males cannot afford another day of unproductive learning engagement. It is past time that they be prepared and positioned to become LEADERS in a society that often relegates them to the margins. A legitimate chance to succeed right now is in order. Systemic and structural impediments aside, the implementation of proven corrective measures is of immediate importance. At "CHAMPIONS", we are not remaining on the sidelines hoping for some miracle moment to rectify this crisis. We have irreversibly committed ourselves to making real, substantive change. We are in the trenches fighting the good fight and winning. We are honing talents, nurturing intellect, and transforming the lives of Black boys indelibly. At the "CHAMPIONS" ACADEMY, we are building a legacy.

"CHAMPIONS" was founded on the principle that ultimately, it is an individual's ability, drive, initiative, and spirit that renders success attainable. We firmly believe that the predictors of success...intelligence, a love for learning, a willingness to work hard, a sense of personal integrity, and a teamwork disposition can be intractably ingrained through master coaching and continuous exposure to excellence and high standards. Unfortunately, as things now stand in the society at-large, most African-American boys lack access to the types of experiences and opportunities that enables the best that is in a child to come to the fore. "PROGRAMMATIC INTERVENTION", whether by private or not-for-profit organizations, has an important role to play in eradicating the lack of achievement that is so common and producing future leaders who can impact. At the moment, even many of the highest potential Black boys do not envision a distinguished life for themselves. Structuring opportunity for those who are alienated from higher level possibilities will, at the very least, provide a glint of hope and insight that can bolster life chances, but in most cases, well-designed opportunity serves as the impetus for consequential evolution.

"PROGRAMMATIC INTERVENTION" is not a new concept. The affluent segment of society (primarily the majority group) has always invested greatly in the personal and academic development of their ablest youngsters, but the potentially highest achievers from less empowered groups such as African-Americans males, those who are already grossly underrepresented in the country's leadership pool, are rarely the recipients of any special intervention and access to experiences that would develop their talents and persuade them that it is legitimate to aim to be all that they can be. The fact of the matter is that when properly COACHED and directed, and when given a bona fide chance, children whom many schools write-off and leave behind can accomplish just as much or more than children who have been given excellent education as a birthright.

There is a direct correlation between well-designed, impactful early childhood and middle grade education and one's life prospects. For African-American males, "PROGRAMMATIC INTERVENTION" at this crucial stage of development is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Nurturing and challenging the mind and heart of a Black boy early in life significantly heightens his chances of developing the love for learning that is needed to catapult one to veritable success. Excellence, more than anything, manifests because of expectation and standard, and when one is extensively ensconced in a milieu which promotes and produces high standard, meaningful evolution penetrates his very essence. A boy, so ensconced, begins to see himself as someone who actually does have a legitimate voice at the table of significance and contribution. In the ultimate analysis, comprehensive immersion in a disciplined and highly productive structure at an early age is of inestimable value. Although all can nurture, there is one key point that must not be overlooked. The extensive exposure to compelling African-American male leadership by African-American boys is of paramount significance. Research has undisputedly revealed that this is probably the most important factor when it comes to ensuring academic and personal success for Black boys.

The "CHAMPIONS" Academy has, in short order, developed a "LEARNING TECHNOLOGY" that has proven itself to be uncommonly efficacious. Producing NATIONALLY RANKED, award winning scholars is a routine phenomenon in our learning milieu. Our ablest students customarily rank in the TOP 5% of all students in the United States in standardized testing, several ranking as high as the TOP 1%. A "CHAMPIONS" scholar seldom ranks outside of the TOP 25% (top quartile). Young learners at “CHAMPIONS”, as a matter of course, compete for slots in the illustrious Duke scholars’ program. All enrolled young gentlemen are required to take the SAT by graduation (8th grade). Our intent from inception was to produce highly distinctive African-American male scholars, and we are adroitly executing the plan. We fully anticipate that many of our scholars will, one day, matriculate in the IVY leagues or at other top national universities. In the immediate timeframe, we are preparing all students under our tutelage to legitimately compete for scholarships to prestigious High schools.

Honorable deeds, scholarship, and service to all mankind are the aims of our dear academy. These pursuits we hold near and dear to our heart, and we are unrelenting in our efforts to ensure that our core purpose of providing a world-class education to African-American boys, those who would not otherwise receive the expert preparation and training being afforded, does indeed manifest. Although our program produces some of the top scholars around, the "CHAMPIONS" Academy is mostly about community. Individual achievement and service are inextricably interwoven. We are involved in that which transcends our own individuality. We are contributing to an undertaking that is much larger than ourselves. As we continue our journey of making a contribution to ourselves and the community at-large, we fully realize that the ultimate prize is that we are developing "CHAMPIONS" who will become the impactful and influential African-American male leaders that this society so desperately needs. Our young "CHAMPIONS" are indoctrinated in the philosophy, early and often, that becoming a world-class scholar is a given at our school, so their primary task is to leave the world better than they found it.

Your support of and contribution to the “CHAMPIONS” Academy makes a difference and is humbly appreciated.

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